chance [adj] accidental, unforeseeable adventitious, at random, casual, contingent, fluky, fortuitous, fortunate, happy, inadvertent, incidental, lucky, odd, offhand, unforeseen, unintentional, unlooked for, unplanned; concept 552 —Ant. designed, foreseeable, planned, understood chance [n1] possibility, probability break, contingency, fair shake*, fighting chance*, indications, liability, likelihood, long shot*, look-in, occasion, odds, opening, opportunity, outlook, prospect, scope, shot*, show, squeak, time, wager; concept 650 —Ant. assurance, certainty, design, law, plan, scheme chance [n2] fate, luck accident, advantage, adventure, bad luck, break, cast, casualty, coincidence, contingency, destination, destiny, doom, even chance, fluke, fortuity, fortune, future, gamble, good luck, hap*, haphazard, happening, hazard, heads or tails*, hit*, in the cards*, kismet, lot, lottery, luck out*, lucky break, misfortune, occurrence, odds, outcome, peradventure, peril, providence, risk, stroke of luck*, throw of the dice*, toss-up*, turn of the cards*, way the cookie crumbles*, wheel of fortune*; concept 679 —Ant. aim, design, plan, scheme chance [n3] gamble, risk bet, craps game*, fall of the cards*, hazard, jeopardy, lottery, raffle, speculation, stake, throw of the dice*, try, venture, wager; concept 363 chance [v1] risk, endanger attempt, cast lots, draw lots, gamble, go out on a limb, have a fling at, hazard, jeopardize, play with fire*, plunge, put eggs in one basket*, put it on the line*, roll the dice*, run the risk, skate on thin ice*, speculate, stake, stick one’s neck out*, take shot in the dark*, tempt fate*, tempt fortune*, toss up*, try, venture, wager, wildcat; concept 87 —Ant. aim, design, plan, scheme, understand chance [v2] happen arrive, befall, be one’s fate, betide, blunder on, break, bump, come, come about, come off, come to pass, fall out, fall to one’s lot, go, hap*, hit upon, light, light upon, luck, meet, occur, stumble, stumble on, transpire, tumble, turn up; concept 4

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